Why D Major Design?

We’re able to combine creativity in different forms whether visual, written, motion media or a fusion of those in crafting effective branding and communication. The digital realm requires a new approach to the old way of doing things. But a careful mix of the old and the new often leads to the most original solution. And that solution is the one we’re most after. When it comes to economical design, digital innovation and brand DNA, we’re more than up to the task.


Brainstorming — 85%
Out of the box thinking — 80%
Visualising — 90%
Squeezing Creative Juices — 82%
Music Appreciation — 95%

Why outsource your graphic design or copywriting projects?

•  Outsourcing your creative projects to us means we can always give you an honest appraisal – something difficult to get in-house.

•  We can draw on a wealth of experience with different clients in different market sectors.

•  As an outsourced service we can be turned on and off like a tap. Turn on when needed and off when not. This gives you flexibility and avoids in-house overloads.

• And, thanks to the internet, geography is not a problem. We’re based in Shenzhen but supply services to clients worldwide.

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